Onwards & Upwards…!


So here it is, my first ever blog…just one of the exciting new features on my shiny new website!
To say I’m excited about all of this would be a bit of an understatement.

Two weeks ago I forced myself out of my depth & my comfort zone and finally I have a website that I’m proud of.!

Truth be told improving my website has been at the top of my work ‘to do list’ for almost a year! However, every time I sought advice or looked into recommended web designers I always felt intimidated by their depth of knowledge and my severe lack of it.
Jargon….no thank you!  I’d rather stick with what I know , which meant a self built website which was mediocre at best!

It was only by chance that I happened upon the lovely Charley Anderson, the creative talent behind this coded matrix that is my new website.
Admittedly Charley lives but a few doors down from me, yet I did not realise that web design was her vocation (and clearly her forte too!), Hurrah! Having finally found someone whom I instantly felt at ease with, I charged her with the task of making my on-line platform better than sub-standard.
I think it’s fair to say that Charley has excelled herself and I couldn’t be any more delighted with what she has created on my behalf! Thank you Charley!!!

If you haven’t yet browsed the new and improved Wriggles & Giggles website then I urge you to do so (once you’ve finished reading this captivating blog piece of course)!
You will instantly notice how user friendly the site has become. The shop loads instantly, each page serves its intended function without confusion and the theme is not only  adorable, but also perfectly compliments the products you have come to know and love!

Within our shiny new website you will find some fabulous fresh products to boot; such as new additions to our Simple CSP range, including light/medium flow pads and mini wet bags at incredibly competitive prices.


There are more options for our Baltic Amber lovers too and if its baby fluff you love then all outsourced pocket nappies are now in stock starting at just £2.99 inc booster!

As if all of the above isn’t exciting enough, I am also launching a customer loyalty and reward scheme with immediate effect! Earn points in a variety of ways that you can then redeem against future on-line purchases. Find out more here.

Phew…I think I’ll stop there for now. So many new thing to show & tell, but they can wait until my next post.

Please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support, custom and for sharing this exciting step with me….onwards & upwards!








✿✿ Emma ✿✿

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