Nappy Library; Aims & Objectives



The overall aim of The Norfolk Real Nappy Network is to develop a sustainable, long-term approach to promoting reusable cloth nappies as an alternative to disposable nappies, thus reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites in Norfolk.


  • To establish a network of volunteer real nappy users throughout the area.
  • To target less affluent areas of the county thus supporting low income families to potentially reduce their household expenditure.
  • Provide low cost hire kits so that parents and carers can try a variety of nappies to see what suits them best before they buy.
  • To form a structured network between parents, healthcare professionals, local authorities and local businesses promoting the use of real nappies.
  • Promote wider use of real nappies by organising information sharing events and sending out letters with contact details to all relevant organisations and facilities in the area.
  • Provide information, support and advise about real (washable) nappies either via our website, facebook page, email or telephone and within one to one or group settings.
  • Encourage local retailers to stock reusable nappies.