Why Choose Reusable Nappies?


There are lots of reasons that people choose to use reusable nappies. Here are some of them:

nap7Disposable nappies are costly to the environment
    • Every day in the UK around 8,000,000 disposable nappies are used and thrown away.
    • A child in nappies for two-and-a-half years will probably use approximately 6,000 disposable nappies (based on the recommended 6-7 nappies per day) compared to a baby in cloth nappies who will re-use 24-50 nappies.
    • It still isn’t known how long it takes for a disposable nappy to break down completely but it is possible that every one ever made still exists and will be around for hundreds of years.
    • Disposable nappies use 90 times the amount of renewable resources (e.g. wood pulp) and 8 times the amount of non-regenerable resources (e.g. one cup of crude oil is needed to make one disposable nappy).
    • At least four-and-a-half trees are needed to produce the disposable nappies for one baby.


nap8Are costly for the community

    • The council tax payer pays 10p to dispose of every £1’s-worth of disposable nappies. This amounts to £40,000,000 each year nationally.


 nap9  And costly for parents.

      • Disposable nappies for one baby in nappies for two-and-a-half years will cost between £703 (cheapest brands) and £1,104 (dearest brands). Reusable nappies cost from as little as £350 for modern shaped nappies including the costs of the nappies, accessories, washing agents, energy and allowing £150 wear and tear on a washing machine.
      • Reusable nappies usually last for more than one baby so can work out  much cheaper in the long run.


nap10Reusable nappies are gentle to your baby

      • Reusable nappies do not contain any potentially harmful super-absorbent gels, deodorants or chemicals.
      • They are made from the same fabrics as everyday clothes and give parents control over what they put next to their baby’s sensitive and absorbent skin.
      • Research has shown that babies using reusable nappies are NOT more likely to get nappy rash. Reusable nappies are soft and comfortable, and stay-dry nappies help to keep babies’ skin dry, which helps to prevent nappy rash.


nap11Are easy to use and care for

      • Many of today’s parents remember terry squares, pins, plastic pants and boiling! and are put off by the thought of washing dirty nappies and lots of extra laundry. Today’s nappies really are easy to care for- take soiled nappy off, shake solids into the loo, put the nappy in dry bucket with lid (lined with nappy mesh bag). On wash day put whole mesh bag into machine and put on rinse cycle, then wash at 60ºC (or 40ºC) with 1/2 of the usual amount of detergent- tumble or hang dry.
      • Using reusable nappies will mean an extra load of washing every two-three days- truly unnoticeable compared to the other washing babies and young children produce!


nap12Offer so much choice and versatility

      • Whatever your baby’s nappy needs, from newborn poo leaking out of a disposable… to a big four year old out-weeing his night time pull ups, there will be a nappy to meet them!

They work brilliantly and look really colourful and cute!

      • Modern reusable nappies utilise up to date textile technology to provide the best performance, comfort and durability.
      • Reusable nappies come in all sorts of designs from pure fluffy white cotton to fun and funky colours and prints to make changing time fun!